Eco Living

  • Living at the Mountain Star is leaving green. The home is completely “off the grid” and powered by the sun and the wind. It does this with a 2.2kw array of solar panels and a 2.4kw wind turbine. The home also has a backup 11.5kw propane generator that starts automatically when needed. Water is hauled regularly to the Mountain Star’s 6,000 gallon cistern. The water comes from the spring in the inner basin of the San Francisco Peaks and/or from other high altitude sources. It is very high quality drinking water and is absolutely delicious (no need for bottled water here). The Mountain Star’s trash collection service brings all trash to a separation and recycling plant – no need for you to separate anything yourself. If you have compostable food leftovers (fruit and vegetable matter), just toss it off the second story deck – the many rabbits that live in the elk grass will appreciate it!